About Us

A Unique Blend Of The Best Cutting Edge Online Features

YouReview brings you the best way to get high quality, relevant information about local businesses, products, websites, and people. YouReview blends the best features of the Interwebs to allow you to get the most accurate information quickly and reliably.

Our unique system includes the following:

  • Voting - With a simple like or dislike, a business, product, website, or person can be ranked. The same voting can be applied to comments and reviews!
  • Forum/Comments - Comments create discussions between site users.
  • Reviews - Any site user can leave a review for a business, product, website, or person. These reviews can then be voted up or down along with comments to create discussion for each review.
  • Digging - Liking/disliking pushes the most popular and desired content to the top of results. This is simply one method to see what people are the most interested in.
  • Scoring - Each individual user has a score. This score represents the amount of content that user has contributed to the site. This score increases with each item or review left, along with any likes of that users items or reviews.

Get Started

  • Create a free YouReview Account.
  • Begin searching for local businesses, products, websites, or people.
  • Leave your own reviews and comments.
  • Watch your score increase as you use the site more!
  • Add Google Adsense to your user profile and get YOUR ad shown on any review or item you own - Learn More.

All the data on YouReview comes from a combination of proprietary datasets used with permission, public records and from the efforts of the community.

--- SCORE ---

Each review your write gives you +1 score and anytime someone likes your review you also get +1. You can increase your score by writing reviews and having people "like" your reviews. Adding comments does NOT increase your score.

75 score allows you to change the tags of an existing item

150 score allows you to add brand new tags to our database when you edit an item

300 score allows you to edit any item, even if you did not claim it or create it

Geocoding Attribution

We use a geocoding service from https://spatial.usc.edu/Research/GISResearchLab/Default.aspx to do all of our geocoding.