Creative Commons License With Attribution Required

Some content on YouReview is licensed under creative commons 3.0. All reviews and comments are licensed under creative commons. Not all business information is licensed under creative commons, please see each individual item to see what license the information is covered by. To remix and reuse any content under creative commons, attribution is required and must be done in the following manner:

- If you are redisplaying the content in electronic format of any kind you must:
- For every hyperlink in the attribution, you must use standard html, the link must be visible even without javascript enabled and the link must NOT have a nofollow attribute. Furthermore, the link must be in plain sight, and not hidden with css and not colored / sized / positioned so that it is hard to read.
- You must provide a hyperlink back to the original item, and the link text should be the item title. Example: "Reviews on <a href="">YouReview</a>"
- You must provide a hyperlink to the original creator and the link text should be the user name. You can find the link by visiting the users profile page and copying the url from the browser. Example: "This business information originally created by <a href="">jjxtra</a>"
- You must provide a hyperlink to the original creator for each review that you display. These hyperlinks should point to the user profile page and use the username as the text of the link. Example: "This review originally created by <a href="">jjxtra</a>"
- You must indicate that the content originated from via a hyperlink. The hyperlink text should say YouReview and point to Example: "This business information came from <a href="">YouReview</a>"
- In cases where YouReview content is derived from other original creative commons content, you must follow attribution for the original content as well.

All the data on YouReview comes from either proprietary datasets used with permission, public records and from the efforts of the community.

We are working on providing a public dataset of our data, please stay tuned for that...

Many people have given a lot of time to enter this information and the corresponding reviews. We ask that you please respect this license and give credit due to those individuals who have volunteered many hours to keep the information up to date and accurate.

Thank you