How to Contact Us

6/12/2014 10:54:29 PM UTC

If you need to contact us for any reason, please don't use a domain info search. We have a contact link at the bottom of every page right there in the middle. Click that and let us know your feedback or questions.


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Link Removal Requests

7/28/2013 1:22:03 AM UTC

We've been getting a number of requests to remove links because people are concerned that Google is penalizing them because there are links on YouReview.

We use nofollow on ALL our outgoing links (, so Google ignores them and does not count them for purposes of search engine ranking.

So if you are a web master or SEO consultant, please check the link on the website you are concerned about and see if it has a nofollow attribute (i.e. <a rel='nofollow' ...). If it does, you have nothing to worry about for that link and removing that link will not affect your Google ranking.

If you have other concerns such as privacy, please contact us, otherwise we ignore all Google link removal requests.

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Thanks for Visiting

1/9/2013 5:02:24 PM UTC

Thanks to everyone who is visiting YouReview and adding or editing their businesss info. We are amazed by the number of people who visit each day and edit items. This wiki for products and businesses would not exist without all of you.

Remember, you can go to your YouReview user settings and set a Google Adsense code snippet or Amazon affiliate link and get paid when people click your ad. Just login and go to Account Settings.

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Site Usage Increase

8/26/2012 3:03:18 PM UTC

We have seen an increase in traffic to YouReview as more and more people add their own businesses and write reviews and leave comments. This has been encouraging. YouReview was created to be the free wiki on the Internet where anyone could go and easily find what they are looking for, write reviews and put their OWN ads on their review. Slowly but surely we are getting there :)

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Organic Google Traffic

2/12/2012 5:16:24 PM UTC

So we have had YouReview up for about eight months now. When we first released the site, we saw pretty flat traffic for a few months. Then in September of 2011, we saw a steady increase of Google traffic. This happened for about three weeks and then suddenly the Google traffic totally dropped back to the initial levels. We are not sure why this happened. Maybe it was because Google gives new sites an initial boost and then drops them back to where they were. Now we get about 200 visitors a day, which obviously is a lot lower than we hope.

Here's our traffic graph:

The bump there is last September. You can see that we are VERY slowly gaining traffic, but it is very slow going. It's expensive to host a web server with all this data and to organize it and make it editable and searchable. We are trying some things like adwords campaigns to try and get more traffic, but Google is such a black box that it makes it hard to know why things happen.

We'll keep at it and hope our site will grow into the WIkipedia of reviews :)

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