Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do First?

Search for something you are interested in by entering a name and a location near it. Right away, you should start seeing businesses, products, websites, or people of interest. When you find what you are looking for, create a review. This helps other people make better informed decisions. If you found a review helpful, click thumbs up by that review. If not, click thumbs down by that review.

Promote Your Business

If you can't find your business in our directory, use the 'add item' link at the bottom to add it. If your business already exists in our directory, simply search for it, click on it, and click 'claim this business' to take ownership of it. This will allow you to edit the details of that business.

Leave A Review

If you are someone who loves to share your deep knowledge of businesses, websites, products, or people, begin leaving reviews for others to read. The more and higher quality reviews you leave, the better chance your reviews have of being at the top of the list. You can also put your own Google Adsense code in your user account. This gives you a chance that your ad will show up next to your reviews.

To leave a review for a product, simply start searching for it at the top of the screen by entering in text. The search will help you find it. Once you find the product and are viewing it, click 'Add Review'. You can also go to the home page to see popular products that haven't been reviewed yet - or that only have one or two reviews.

Is That It?

Yes, YouReview is that simple. Use it to find businesses, products, websites, or people. More than likely, there is a good review for a product that has been voted on by the community. If you like the review, click on the product in that review. If you want to leave a review, simply search for a product, and click 'Add Review'.