What is Market Samurai?

Keyword research is a key determinant of success in any content driven SEO business model and it is important to have the right tools to help you with that. Market Samurai is one of the best keyword research tools to help you target the right keywords from the start.

Market Samurai might be very good for keyword research, but that’s not all it does. In this review, you will learn more about its what it is, what it does and doesn’t do, its functionalities, pros and cons, as well as the final conclusion.

Market Samurai is a comprehensive tool for doing keyword research among other important Internet marketing activities. It is based on Google’s Keyword Planner. It is not an online platform but rather a program that you download and install on your computer. It uses Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air, so ensure that you have both programs installed before you start using it.

What Does Market Samurai Do?

Keyword Identification: Using Market Samurai, you can identify the right keywords to target so that you can appear on the first page of Google. However, you don’t get to select the keywords but rather you have to find them.

Competitor Analysis: Market Samurai can help you learn more about your competitors. The tool helps you to know the number of backlinks you require to rank higher than your competitors and also helps you know where your competitors are getting their backlinks.

Monetization: Market Samurai will help you find affiliate products that you can promote. You can connect it to your Paydotcom, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and Amazon affiliate accounts and have it generate affiliate links automatically for you.

SEO Competitor Analysis: Market Samurai gives you a list of the top-ranked competitors. It also provides you a variety of details regarding each of these top 10 sites providing you with information about how hard (or easy) it is to compete with them in the search results.

What Market Samurai Does Not Do

Black Hat SEO: Market Samurai does not use any black hat SEO techniques. So, if you want to use such, you should look for a different product.

Backlink Creation: Market Samurai does not create an unlimited number of backlinks. It is a competition analysis and keyword research tool and not a backlinks tool.

Magic: Market Samurai is not a magic tool that’s guaranteed to help you rank anything you wish on the first page of Google.

Market Samurai Modules

Market Samurai is a complete, all-purpose platform for online entrepreneurs. When you buy the product, you will find 8 key modules:

– Keyword Research

– SEO Competition

– Domains

– Find Content

– Publish Content

– Monetization

– Promotion

Here is a more in-depth look into all these 7 modules.

1. Keyword Research

The Keyword Research Module stays free even after the end of your trial period. It gets the keywords from Google Keyword Planner, so it might seem like there isn’t any reason to even bother with it at first, but that isn’t the case. Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Module is actually much easier to use than Google’s Keyword Tool and friendlier when dealing with long lists of keyword research.

The module comprises of two parts: The first one has to do with the generation of keyword lists, which also allows you to make manual changes to the list such as removing negative keywords, specifying good keywords, etc. The second one is the “Keyword Analysis” option where actual keyword research happens.

Each Keyword comes with several key metrics:

SEO Competition: It shows the number of competitor websites for a particular keyword. It can help you get an indication of whether or not it is possible to get a good rank for the keyword.

Total Searches: It shows the volume of searches that are performed on Google for a specific keyword in an average month/week/day.

SEO Traffic: It shows the number of clicks you would expect to get if you were the top-ranking website for a particular keyword.

2. SEO Competition

The metrics provided in the Keyword Research module are almost always not enough to determine whether on not a keyword phrase is competitive because it all depends on the level of competition.

For instance, ranking for a phrase with 200,000 competing websites that aren’t optimized is far easier than ranking first for a phrase with 30,000 highly optimized competitor websites. The SEO Competition module can get you this kind of information.

Simply put, the SEO Competition module helps you assess the level of competition, gain a competitive advantage, and unmask your competitors on Google. It looks at the top spots on Google for a particular keyword and pulls out information about those websites.

With the data provided by this module, it becomes easier for you to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to continue targeting the keyword. As is the case with the Keyword Research module, everything can be exported as a CSV file.

Below you will see a screenshot of the SEO competition section. You can select the metrics you want to view from the top 10+ results for your keyword. I’ll quickly explain what each column represents.

URL: This is obviously self explanatory, these are the top websites for your keyword phrase, within your region you previously selected. DA is the Domain Age as recorded by Archive.org. CF is the citation flow for the website and TF is the trust flow as recorded by Majestic.com. IC is the number of pages that are indexed within the website, as recorded by Bing (The reason Market Samurai use Bing to record the indexed pages, is because Bing do give a more accurate record than Google.) RDD is the number of referring domains pointing to that site/URL, RDP is the number of referring domain pages pointing to that URL/site, and BLP is the number of page backing, BLD is the number of domain backlinks & BLEG is the number of links from edu/gov websites the URL has. All these metrics are also provided by Majestic.com. Finally, Title, URL, Desc & Head tell you if the keyword is in those key components. You will notice from the screenshot that a lot of this data is blank. Having personally checked those websites, the keyword searched is in those components and this is something that sometimes happens with Market Samurai, the data will comeback empty.

market samurai seo competition tool


3. Domains

Once you have identified new keywords for your website, you can now use the Domains module to find a quality domain name. The module can suggest different variations of the keyword you can register as a domain name. You can even specify your own suffixes and prefixes or even choose Top Level Domains that you fancy the most.

You can even use the Domains module to find aged, dropped, and expiring domain names. However, you will require a DomainFace account to do that. If you don’t wish to use the in-built Domain module in Market Samurai, you can use a different tool such as Domain Samurai, which is completely free to use but still very effective.

4. Monetizationaffiliate advertisers on Market Samurai

The Monetization module is designed to help you find products to promote that are related to your selected keywords. It searches the PayDotCom, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and Amazon affiliate marketplaces to find products that you can promote.

Once you identify a product that you would like to promote, the Monetization module also provides a tool for creating ads. You can use it to create a banner, blog post, or sidebar widget. It also publishes the ad on your WordPress bog.

The Monetization module also has another component. It also allows you to create targeted contextual ads, such as using Google AdSense for instance, and then have them published to your blog immediately.

5. Find Content

If you are not especially interested in doing content creating yourself or you need some inspiration by looking at what’s already available, you can use this module to find quality stock content. It will search for content on a variety of platforms.

You can use whatever the module finds and republish it on your website or blog as long as you attribute the original author. While this approach might not be particularly useful when it comes to growing your website, it can help you get rid of writer’s block.

6. Publish Content

The Publish Content module is essentially an offline WordPress editor. The module simply provides text processing software similar to Microsoft Word but optimized towards WordPress, so that you never have to correct all the formatting issues that typically occur if you copy an article from Word and paste it to WordPress. When you have finished writing the post, you can easily export it to your WordPress blog.

7. Promotion

The Promotion module searches for backlinking opportunities for your chosen keyword. It searches a variety of sources and generates a list of websites. You can analyze each website to find out whether it supports trackbacks/pingbacks or uses no-follow links.

You can then choose several of the websites and create some links to them using a pingback generator also provided by the module and then have them published on your website or blog. The idea is that if a website supports pingbacks, it will probably link back automatically to each website that has linked to it.

If you don’t like the idea of automated pingbacks, you can still use the module to find a list of relevant websites and then go out and attempt to get a link from it manually. You can either contact the webmaster and convince them to place a link or leave a comment.

Market Samurai: The Pros

Strong SEO and Keyword Research Capabilities: This is at the heart of what Market Samurai does, so it is hardly surprising that the feature gets top billing. The Keyword Research module helps you explore niches and identify and target the most profitable keywords easily.

Works on Multiple Platforms: Market Samurai is built on Adobe Air, which means that it can work on multiple platforms. Whether you are using a Linux-based machine, an Apple Mac, or a Windows PC, you can take advantage of the suite of SEO tools that Market Samurai offers.

Unique Tools: Besides the impressive SEO and keyword capabilities, you will also find a handful of unique tools in Market Samurai that bloggers or anybody that uses a content management system will find valuable.

One-Time Payment: Unlike some of its competitors, you never have to pay a recurring fee to access Market Samurai’s tools. You just have to pay once and you are all set. All future updates are completely free, which means that you don’t have to pay extra to access new and updated tools. At the time of this review, the price for Market Samurai was $97 if you purchased within 6 days of landing on their page. After that the price goes up to $149. You can have a free 12 day trial of the software, so you can get a good feel of it before choosing to buy it.

Collects Data on Currently Trending SEO Topics: This allows you to choose the most popular topics to create content around. It is ideal for beginners that might be confused about what kinds of content to create to rank better on the search engines.

Market Samurai: The Cons

Not Very Beginner Friendly: Market Samurai’s interface is incredibly complicated to navigate and the abbreviations and terms used can blow your mind as a beginner. Due to its complexity, using the tool can be very frustrating.

Sluggish and Slow at Times: When handling large amounts of data, you will notice an apparent sluggishness when using the software, particularly on slower computer. Fortunately, this is just a minor complaint that will hopefully be rectified by updates in the future.

Doesn’t always provide data: As was mentioned earlier, there are times when the meta data results are missing, when if you check a website manually, you will see that the data is there. This can be frustrating at times because without the correct data, you are getting a false result/

Not readily Available on Mobile Devices and Other Computers Unless First Installed: This can be a huge inconvenience for people that use multiple device to work on their websites. If you want to work on your website while at a friend’s house, you would first have to install it on their computer before using it.

Market Samurai: Verdict/Recommendation

If you are a website owner you obviously want to rank high in the search engine results to gain more traffic, which translates to more business, which in turn translates to more profits. However, it is not easy to rank high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing and it actually involves a great deal of work.

As a keyword analysis tool, it is great. It does have its faults as mentioned, but there are very few tools out there that can do what Market Samurai can. And if you are serious about doing SEO correctly, then it is certainly worth the investment.

Fortunately, Market Samurai helps lighten the burden with its strong SEO and keyword research capabilities and unique tools for finding and publishing content easily. If you are still not sure about whether it not this product is right for you, take advantage of the free trial offered or the very affordable price of $97 for the full version if you order straight away before the price increases to $149.