ProRankTracker – What To Know

Pro Rank Tracker is web based SERPS rank tracking software that enables you to keep track of your rankings and web based properties performance. In this review, I will give you a full breakdown of the features and benefits of Pro Rank Tracker.

The first question to ask is why even consider Pro Rank Tracker? Well there are a number of claims they make on their website, that to be honest, I personally have no reason to disbelieve. I have been using Pro Rank Tracker myself, as the owner of an SEO company, since October 2015, and I can say that the claims they make are evident and, the information I am going to share with you, is all from my own personal experience as a user of the software.

ProRankTracker state that their ranking software is used by than 50,000 individuals/companies,be they marketers or agencies of different sizes, like myself.

They also claim to be 100% accurate with their results as they use the most accurate algorithm. To make the statement that it is 100% accurate is a bold claim, and while I have been extremely impressed with the software over the years, to say that is 100% accurate is not completely true. There have been times when they have been out a position or two, but it is not enough for me to be discouraged and look to use another ranking software.

It is a web-based application as I mentioned before which means you can access it anywhere. You don’t need to download anything onto your desktop, unlike the ranking software from – Rank Tracker, which you can only access from your desktop.

Which Search Engines Can You Track?

One of the great features of Pro Rank Tracker is that you can track your rankings across a wide selection of search engines. There are the main ones of course, such as (along with the over 180 different country extensions) Bing (with over 30 country extensions) and Yahoo (also with over 30 country extensions) But, on top of the main search engines, Pro Rank Tracker enables you to monitor your rankings within the following:

  • Google Videos
  • Google Local Finder
  • Youtube
  • AOL
  • Ask
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Excite
  • Lycos

You can also select from a wide selection of which type of tracking you want. Organic, Organic local, Mobile, Snack Pack, Local Finder, Youtube Video, and Amazon listing

For local tracking you can select the exact town, county, state within your country if you want to really get itemized rankings.

add and edit terms on pro rank tracker

The Main Features of ProRankTracker

As you can see in the image above, in the left hand column there are 5 main sections of the software: URL’s & Terms; Reports; Tools, and Settings. I will briefly go through them all to help give you an outline as to what you can do with

Rankings Section

Under the rankings section you have for ways in which you can view your ranking results. The first is dashboard.This is very straightforward as it tells you the number of URL’s you are currently tracking. The number of search terms that are being tracked, and the ranking changes that have occurred over the past 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.It also provides a ranking summary showing you how many of your terms are ranked in the first position within the search engine being tracked, how many are in the top 3, top 10, top 20 and top 100. It also has a list of the biggest jumps and biggest drops in rankings over the past 24 hours (i’ve not included a screenshot of that list because as I use Pro Rank Tracker to track my SEO clients rankings, I don’t want to discuss who my clients are.)

pro rank tracker dashboard

The second option to view your rankings is via the URL view. This is my personal favorite option as you can see the movements for each website you are tracking, more easily. As you will see from the screenshot below, you can see the term, type of ranking (whether it is national, local, mobile, snackpack etc) the indexed URL that is ranking, the search engine you are ranking on, the location, be it country, town, state etc, and the positional changes over the past day, week and month. As I mentioned above, I use the software to track my clients, so I am sure you can appreciate why some of the information in the image below, is blurred out.

pro rank tracker url view


The other two options, term view and list view are good features, but I do personally find term view a little too involved. There are a lot of filters involved to generate the term view list, so I don’t personally bother, not when you have the other options available. List view is quiet good. It enables you to look at your ranking results in a very quick manner, rather than having to scroll through them all in the URL view.

URLs & Terms Section

This is a very straightforward section. This is where you add your URLs and terms you want to track. You can either add your websites and keywords through the very easy to follow 4 step wizard, or you can use the more advanced feature, which enables you to put in the tracking data yourself (best to use the wizard) or you can the very complicated bulk add. This requires all the required data to be in an XLSX file. To be honest, if you have time to fill out all the data requirements on the XLSX file, you might as well use the wizard, it will be a lot faster and easier.

Once you have added your URL’s and terms, it is very easy to edit them. Through the edit feature you simply select the URL you want to edit, you can then either add more terms, select different search engines, countries etc to track the rankings, or if you want you can disable terms you may not want to track anymore, or if you have disabled terms in the past because a project was on hold maybe, you can enable tracking of the terms again.

URL Groups is a great feature if you have multiple URLs or terms you want to group together to make it easier to track their movements. I use this feature for one clients who has 15 offices. By grouping all of those URL’s together, I can very easily go to my list view option in the rankings section, click on the group and see the results for all 15 offices in one report/section/


If you are an SEO agency or consultant and you have clients that want ranking reports, then this section will be of interest to you. There are six different ranking report types within Pro Rank Tracker that you can choose from, depending on what you want to report. They can be complicated and long winded to set up, depending on what you want.

Overview Reports – Enables you to view the current rankings of the URLs/terms selected, compared to yesterday’s, a week ago and a month ago rankings.

Progress Reports – You can view the daily, week by week or month by month progress in your website’s terms rankings.

Comparison Reports – You can either compare different URL’s, if there are multiple offices or you have more than one website trying to rank for the same terms, you can compare them, or you can compare rankings within the different search engines for a URL.

Benchmark Reports –  You can compare the rankings of terms for a URL between two dates, weeks or months.

Automated Reports – Set scheduled automated overview reports to be sent via Email or saved to your Dropbox or Drive account.

Client Reports – Set a URL’s or URLs group shared report, generate a link and give it to your clients or give your clients live access to their rankings stats, in a mobile app branded with your logo and company details.

Reports come in three different formats, PDF, XLSX or CSV spreadsheets and all of the reports can be 100% white labelled with your company logo on.


Under the tool section you have ranking discovery. This is a great feature as this is where Pro Rank Tracker will tell you of any terms for your URL you are ranking for, that you you may not have been aware of. (They will also tell you which search engine it is in) You can if you choose then add that phrase to your list to track if you want. The next tool is keyword suggestion. This provides a list of keywords they suggest you may want to track. It doesn’t mean that you are currently ranking for them, it’s simply a list of terms they feel are relevant to your URL.

Apps & Plugins

Finally, you have mobile apps and plugins. There are two mobile apps. The first enables you to manage your account from your mobile, whether on your phone or tablet. It comes both in Android and iOS versions. The second app is for clients, where you can give them live access to their rankings stats, in a mobile app branded with your logo and company details.

The plugin is a WordPress plugin which you can add to your WordPress website and have that websites rankings appear on your admin panel.

What Does ProRankTracker Cost?

As you can see from the image graph below, Pro Rank Tracker has eight different pricing structures, primarily based around the number of keyword terms you are tracking. The basic package of $19 a month is a great place to start if you have a small number of terms you want to track. because the number of URL’s is unlimited, you can track as many websites, video, listings as you want, just as long as you don’t exceed 300 terms. The more terms you want to track, the higher the package you will need to take.

pro rank tracker pricing table

How Does ProRankTracker Compare to Other Ranking Software?

Well there are so many seo rank tracking software’s on the market, it is difficult to compare Pro Rank Tracker with them all, but I have compiled a table of some of the most well known ones and compared them based on cost per month and the number of URLS and terms you can track for the monthly fee.

Rank Tracking Software Cheapest PackageMonthly FeeNumber of URLS# Of Terms Can Track
Pro Rank TrackerBronze$19 amonthunlimited300
SE RankingPersonal Plan£8.00 a month billed annually Five websites100
SEO Rank MonitorPersonal Plan$19 a monthOne Campaign (1 website)100
Microsite MastersStart up$49.95Unlimited1,500
SerpBookPersonal$16 a monthunlimted50

If you were to continue the comparison on in to the other packages each company provides, Pro Rank Tracker comes out on top for each one.

What Are Some Of The Other Features ProRankTracker Has?

In addition to the features I have already listed, the software comes with live chat support, 24/7 ticket support, video tutorials to help you maximise your usage of the software, and an up to date knowledgebase with many FAQ’s to assist you.

The software is also multilingual, something a lot of other rank tracking software do not offer. It comes in 11 different languages – English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Ideal if you have multilingual clients and want to impress them by generating reports in their language.


I’ve been in SEO for more than 10 years and in that time I have used many rank tracking software’s. I can honestly say that for value for money, ease of use and quality of tracking, Pro Rank Tracker is the best I have used. As I said at the beginning I’ve been using it since 2015 as the screen shot shows, where I started out on the basic package. As my business has grown, I’ve increased my usage capabilities up to the Gold package.

I have tested other software while still using this one, and they really don’t compare for price and tracking volume available.

If you are looking for a tracking software for your SERP’s then it is worth at least trying Pro Rank Tracker for 7 days on their free trial to see if you like it.